The Peach Tree - A Scrapbook for Glue Junkies

The Peach Tree - A Scrapbook for Glue Junkies 
This album is a distillation of all that is dark and unsettling about 21st Century post industrial world society. Effortlessly inventive and original The Peach Tree drags the listener through a neuroses strewn landscape of powerful sounds and imagery. Each and every beat, note and twisted sound is placed with the artful and poignant deftness of a master. Although A Scrapbook for Glue Junkies is heavily experimental and innovative it never lapses into self indulgence. On the contrary, what we have in this album is a keenly focussed offering from an artist who knows how to use his language - a language that is both individualistic, personal and honed. 
Combining hard edged electonic sounds and guitar led song-smithery that is reminiscent that other Australian genius, Daevid Allen, the Peach Tree is rapid marking himself out as the Divided Alien for the 21st Century. A good example of this is the superbly witty Shallow, a creaking guitar led sex ballad that makes an excellent virtue of Angus Maiden’s unique and wonderful vocal style. This is one track amongst many on an album full of stand out tracks.


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