Analogue Island Flash Review - Autorotation

AUTOROTATION - Lurking behind the flower heads..........

With bold and inventive combinations of diverse elements such as glitch, central European folk, electronica and 80's pop sounds, Autorotation produce music that hovers between dark and light while never appearing grey.

Their powerful and beautiful sound recently reached an apogee with the release of the ten tracks that make up Everything is Everything. This is a startling album of sweet contrast, that is woven around the crystal clear delights of Selman's Blackwood-esque vocals.

From the cinematic Metal and Wood, to the flanged chime of the poppy guitars on Green Army Choir, Autorotation invite you to explore a realm where fear and disquiet lurk not far away behind pretty melodic-pop flower heads.

One track to check out now: Green Army Choir.


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  1. Good review of a band I loved on first hearing not so long ago. Robin Sellman's vocals are so beautiful and edgy, the collage of voice, instrumental, sound, pleasurably intricate on this release. Triphop fusion vibe, mysteriously and subtly emotive. My kind of music!